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Kent UPVC Windows

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Standard Windows Or Doors
Measure the height of the opening in the brickwork from outside and check this dimension in 3 or 4 points across the frame.  Use the smallest dimension and from this deduct 6mm (1/4") to find the height of the frame you require.  Measure the width of the opening in the brickwork (ensuring that your measuring tape is level) and check this dimension 3 or 4 times up the opening and use the smallest measurement.  Deduct 10mm if you are using pvc-u windows or 6mm if you are using aluminium or wood from this measurement to find the width of the frame you require.
If you have render on the outside of the property, you will note that the window is fitted behind this.  It will be necessary to remove the external render around the opening to fit the new window or door and the frame measurement will need to be carefully measured as above.
IMPORTANT: Where windows are fitted directly below soffit boards side hung openings can be obstructed by the fascia.  Measure the distance the fascia board drops below the soffit and if this is more than 20mm (3/4") please advise us and we will ensure that we design the window to ensure it opens fully.
Measuring for Box Sash windows
Sliding sash or box sash windows are fitted into a box frame as their name implies.  If you have this type of window please call in or telephone us for details of how to measure and fit.
  • Windows and doors in pvc-u are long lasting and are mass produced economically.
  • Prices for pvc-u are generally low because of the volume of sales.
  • A huge choice of designs are available - probably more than any other material.
  • Frames are available in white or mahogany or oak effect.
  • We can also supply frames colour coated in just about any colour.
We now offer a choice that includes
the right frame for you.
Outward opening top or side hung openings
Sliding sash
Tilt & Turn
Fixed Frame
Curved head and round windows
Pivoting windows
The choice of glass designs are endless, basically you can have whatever you want or your budget will stand in any of the frame materials.
The choice of styles and materials we offer make it impossible to publish a price list.  However we are always delighted to prepare a quotation for your particular requirements.
Tell us what sizes your openings are, what style, material and finish you would like and we will quote for your exact needs - without obligation.